August 9th 2017 – Summer Bunting Workshop – Gateshead LibrariesMake your own bunting using upcycled materials, click on the link to book.

August 30th 2017 – Den building workshops in conjunction with GWK Woodshed

September 23rd-24th 2017 – Festival of Thrift I’ll be here sharing upcycling tips with the masses, details to come later but come and say hello!

November 11th-12th 2017. I’ll be at the Belsay Hall Festive Gift Fair with English Heritage. Running festive crafts for all ages on both days

If you’d like to book me to run upcycling workshops for your event, please email me on

Reuse. Revamp. Upcycle.

Do you love the idea of upcycling and revamping but don’t know where to start?

Designed to get creative juices flowing and give you creative license to take unused items and give them a whole new lease of life. You know what they say one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, and that’s exactly what these workshops will be doing!

You’ll learn the basics of revamping old and unloved accessories and furniture and help you to update homewares to fit with new schemes. We’ll use paint, pallets, wool, buttons, fabric remnants and anything else we can reuse. We’ll revamp old chairs with paint and fabric, strip back old lampshades and turn them into some new and shiny ones, learn paint techniques, turn pallets into all manner of things and give you the confidence to give it a go, saving you money along the way.

I’ll show you how to spot an upcycling opportunity, what you should keep in your tool box and when to walk away!

Steel toe caps are optional – tea and biscuits are compulsory.




IMG_6193 Lampshades4

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