My favourite building

Florence, Paris, Moscow, Copenhagen, Prague, Amsterdam, Vienna, Bangkok, all amazing cities full of architectural beauties and I’ve been lucky enough to visit them all. None of them, however, have the one building that takes my breath away each time I visit.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve visited, gawped at, sat silent in, and examined the detail in each inch of the walls, ceilings and decorative finishes.

I could easily find out how they created it without the tools and equipment we have today, I could also look into the history in much more detail, but I’d rather just be amazed every time I visit. Who designed it, did it evolve or did they draw up architects plans 900 years ago? Each time I go I find something new, and having lived within 15 miles of Durham Cathedral my whole life I have seriously lost count of the number of times I’ve been.

If you’ve never been and climbed the 325 steps to the top, ran around the cloisters (where Harry Potter was set) sat in silence when the choir are rehearsing, or been to add a brick to the lego cathedral then you have to put in on your bucket list.

It’s most definitely my favourite building.








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