10 sustainable things you didn’t know about IKEA

IKEA is probably best known for it’s flat-pack furniture and meatballs, it’s not necessarily known for sustainability and social responsibilities. As such a huge business it can’t really be anything but socially responsible. I feel they are one of the big players that has a duty to set the standard really.

It’s not very IKEA to shout about their work, it’s just not the Swedish way. Yes, they run huge ad campaigns for their furniture and their new product launches, but how much do you really know about their policies, the way they work or the projects they’re involved in around the world to help social change?

I recently started working with my local store in Gateshead, quite possibly one of my proudest achievements since I started my business. Working together we have started the first upcycling workshops for IKEA Family members to try and spread the word about sustainability. We want people to think about where their furniture and homewares have come from, how they will use them and what will happen to them once they finish with them.

Nail varnish marbling and glassware hacks workshops


I really do think we can all make a difference to our planet, all the small changes add up and can really make a huge impact. IKEA really believe in this with a philosophy called Live LAGOM.

The Swedish phrase “Lagom är bast” meaning “the right amount is best” encourages us to use just the right amount of what you need – whether it’s food, energy or water – and leave the rest for the planet.

Learn more about Live LAGOM

10 sustainable IKEA products or policies

IKEA pics

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You can read more about how they choose their products here.

I’m running three festive Treetorial workshops and showing IKEA Family members how to create their own unique decorations and how to think a little differently and more sustainable this Christmas. There are demos and other festive events too, click here to find out about the events at the Gateshead Store or click on your local store for their in store events.

Disclaimer: All images were sourced from the IKEA website with the exception of the KORKEN jar image which is my own.

Although I am contracted to run workshops with IKEA Gateshead, I have not been paid to write this blog.

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