New beginnings, steel toe caps and no more tears

The beginning of a new year is always full of anticipation, hope and resolutions that pretty much never last. In January last year, I knew that my job was the biggest cause of frustration for me, and as I’m the only one who could do anything about it, I had to get cracking with some resolutions I had to keep for my own sanity.

So my year was full of building up a few extra clients with my husband and his (*spoiler alert – now ours) business Copper Blue Creative, teaching myself to use wordpress, teaching trumpet again, and maybe one of the most exciting things to happen was being given a shelf and access to space and tools at a friends workshop – you’ve no idea how excited I was at the prospect of a shelf!!

All of this meant a lot of late nights, working weekends, forfeiting family time, lots of tears and arguments but it also meant I could start to see a different future ahead.

I may not be a maths genius, a science boffin or a sporting hero, but I’m at my happiest and best when I’m being creative. It’s my comfort zone.

So, in the midst of my mid-life crisis, I handed my notice in and left my job. People were shocked but not surprised, they told me I was brave, especially to do it at Christmas.
Friends and colleagues said they were jealous and envious of my decision, but not one of them tried to talk me out of it. This helped me go through with it, if my family and friends thought I could do it then I knew I could make it work. You know who you are, thanks!

So I begin 2015 with a whole new beginning. After 21 years I have chosen to spend more time with my hubby, working together at home 24/7 – this is the only thing people thought was crazy!


I get to escape to the workshop to make, create and upcycle in my fabulous steel toe caps and ultimately I get to be creative on my terms and perhaps most exciting of all, be my own boss.


I won’t have a 9-5 job but I get to do the school run every day, never have to book time off for school plays or sports days, have tea with my family every day and my son doesn’t have to see my cry when I get home from work anymore.

Life is short people, don’t waste it. I have no idea what the future holds but that’s the best part, I’m going to grab it by the balls and enjoy as much of it as I can.

My leaving present was this fantastic Que Sera Sera print, it says it all, it’s perfect.

Watch out world, I’m on my way.



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