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Hello… However you found your way here to my little blog, thanks for staying and looking around!

Creativity is all around us, everything you see, hear, feel, taste has been designed by someone and I have a bit of an obsession with it all. I’m a graphic designer by day, and jointly run my own business with my husband, Copper Blue Creative. I spend the majority of every day being enthralled by good and bad design inspiration.

I was the only one of my friends growing up who wanted to do something arty for a living, and the first time I realised I wasn’t a freak was when I started at Cleveland Art College back in the 90’s and discovered there were people out there that thought the same way as me! The world would be a very dull place with us creatives.

I have a real passion for rescuing the unloved things we find and a firm believer in ‘one man’s junk is another’s treasure.’ Give things a lick of paint, a new handle, a new fabric covering or a completely new use and the unloved becomes loved again.

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7 thoughts on “All about me

  1. Hi. I love up cycling and shabby chic vintage stuff. I’m really into making vintage China into cake stands and upcycling pine furniture- it’s just a hobby, but it’s so therapeutic. I will def follow you on twitter and look forward to being inspired.

  2. So pleased to have stumbled across your blog – I’m also from the North East and have a passion for upcycling second hand furniture!!
    I’m just starting out in the blogging world at
    My aim with my blog is to document the process we are going through of decorating our first home which so far has consisted of lots of upcycling and industrial DIY projects.

    Kirsty xo

    1. Ah thanks for your nice comments! Good luck with your new home. Upcycling is a a maxing way to give your home character and save a whole lot of cash! I’m off to find your blog now. Xx

  3. Just found you and your blog via the Rust-oleum Make It Yours mini mag. I have my own creative biz too (Jared Designs) and love upcycling as a hobby. I’m off to find you on your other social media outlets and I look forward to more inspiration from you in the future!

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