Five ways to use chalkboard paint at your wedding

There has been a shift in wedding styles in the last ten years. No longer the sole domain of church service followed with a hotel function room, we find ourselves guests at barns, farm buildings, entire restaurant takeovers, gardens, quirky historical buildings and even empty castle ruins. Couples are getting creative with their wedding decor too.


Pinterest has played a huge part in this, allowing brides to pin their favourite ideas and wedding inspiration from across the internet. If only it had been around when I got married 12 years ago!

One of my favourite things to use for wedding decor has to be chalkboard paint. One tin of Rust-oleum chalkboard paint would probably do your whole wedding. Here are some of the easiest ways to use chalkboard paint and put a bit of creative upcycling into your wedding theme.

1. Wedding Welcome

Welcome your guests with a very on-trend chalkboard.

For a stylish feel, remove the glass from a picture frame and simply paint the backing board with a couple of coats of the paint. You can then use chalkboard pens to create a beautifully written welcome. These give a much neater finish than actual chalk.

For a quirky, relaxed feel then you can use a piece of wood or mdf that you may have in the shed, give it a few coats of paint then fix to a wooden post so you can use it a stake in the grass if you’re having an outdoor wedding.


2. Order of the day

Sheets of left over wood or pallets are great as they’re big enough to make an impact. Guests like to know the order of the day so they’re not left guessing when they’re eating or when the can get their dancing shoes on. Embellish with fairy lights and you’ve got the perfect wedding signage to go from day to night.


3. Seating plan

For a simple but large seating plan, simply paint the backing board of a large picture frame. You can find some great large mirrors or framed pictures in charity shops or second hand shops. You can make the plan as ornate or simple as you like to fit in with your whole wedding theme.

The best thing about this is it can be changed right up to the last minute, which might help when your long lost aunt can no longer make it or your best friend ditches their plus one the day before!


4. Table numbers

Wine bottles, buckets and glass jars can be transformed to create some very easy upcycles for the table numbers.


5. Drinks and Favours

Chalkboard paint works really well on glass too. Use painters tape or masking tape to mask off the area you don’t want to paint and brush on the paint, two coats would work best, but you may find one is enough. I love the idea of using the glasses as a favour too, write the guests names on and let them take them home too. A great keepsake.


Image source: All of the images are sourced from pinterest and can be found via my my pinterest board here.



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