Virtually free, upcycled picture hanging

I don’t know about everyone else,  but whenever we go to the park my son insists on collecting twigs, sticks and occasionally whole tree branches. He, of course, needs these so badly we have to load them into the boot and find a home for them. They become wands, light sabres, walking sticks and the props for den building, then forgotten about just as quickly.

This easy upcycle will give them a purpose and also keep them busy with an easy craft activity.  I took one of the twigs and wrapped it in bits of leftover wool in colours to complement my bedroom, grey, orange and mustard. You just need double sided tape at the ends of each colour and over the tricky, nobbly bits. The trick is to twist the twig and not the wool, this saves you from getting all tangled up.

I was also given a box full of bulldog clips. I took a handful at them and sprayed them with Rust-oleum metallic spray in bright copper.


Easy to paint. A few sheets of newspaper and a well ventilated space, preferably outside and with a mask. Give them a couple of coats for good coverage. This should take no more than an hour including drying time.

I then wrapped thin copper wire round the twig and the bulldog clip to secure them on. With an extra bit of wire for hanging it’s ready to hang your photographs. You could use wool or string of you don’t have thin wire.  

You could just paint the twigs if you don’t have wool too, they’re just as easy and fun for kids to do too. Giant branches can also look great!

Have fun at the park!

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