Eighties Upcycling

When asked to make and style props for an 80’s themed event last year for the Q Festival, it was an obvious choice to use items from my childhood.  As it was an party it had to be music themed and if you’re as old as me you’ll remember taping the charts every Sunday evening onto blank cassettes, recording over them when a better week of singles loomed.  You had to make sure everyone was quiet when recording through the tiny microphone on your cassette recorder, god forbid anyone walked in the door at the crucial time. There were certain weeks I remember so well from listening to my tapes so much, whenever I hear Nina’s 99 Red Balloons I expect Frankie’s Relax to follow.

So I set about collecting cassettes to upcycle for the centre pieces. I thought it might be hard as they’re not exactly easy to buy these days, but as usual charity shops did me proud and I found so many in the form of audio books. I felt a little bad turning them into something else but it had to be done.

It was an easy one really so thought I’d share it with you.

All you need is a glue gun and some spray paint. It’s really as simple as glueing together in a square, then glueing another box on top. Once the glue is dry you need to spray paint outdoors, never attempt spraying indoors or you’ll get paint residue everywhere!

I used a multi-surface primer first then staying on theme it obviously had to be neon paint. IMG_6828IMG_6829

Styling them up was easy, I just needed more eighties-tastic bits and bobs, smily face badges, balloons, funky plastic sunglasses, glow sticks and a good old rubix cube.IMG_6997IMG_7005

I loved this event and had such good fun creating these table decorations. Who says the 80’s should be restricted to parties? This looks equally as good on my mantlepiece as a plant pot cover.IMG_6955

Upcycling should be fun, it should be a way to get creative and play with materials. This one is reminding me of summer, sunshine, music from my childhood and I for one can’t wait for this summer to raise its beautiful head so I can get creative outside again. If you try this one I’d love to see your pics.

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