Garden workspace, featuring Tent Ltd

As I look out of the window from my work desk in the kitchen, I long for a workspace in the garden. As much as I love working from home, it would be even better if I could separate work and home life. I’m going to do a big feature on workspace soon to try and inspire my home workspace and wanted to start by sharing this one based in The Tyne Valley.


This office in these pictures belongs to Tent, a small design agency based at the bottom of a garden in the Tyne Valley. The Shed, as the owners Sarah and Dominic Raad call it, arrived six years ago and is full of some of my favourite things. I’m a firm believer in saving money and saving things from landfill so I love the clever upcycles in The Shed.

The design of this ‘shoffice’ fits the brand perfectly. It has an air of glamping to it.

A vintage tea chest sourced from ebay has been upcycled into a small meeting table, while salvaged garden tools and plant pots used to display some of their work add to the garden ambience.

Dominic sourced some old mason jars and upcycled them himself into a group of beautiful lights with orange silk cords.img_2122

The log burner not only adds to the glamping feel but it adds that all important factor to any office – heat. It’s also worth bearing in mind the material your garden office is built from. A lot of glass may look beautiful but it will act like a greenhouse in the summer and let a lot of heat out over the winter months. img_2118

Listed in The Journal as one of the North East’s Top Ten Coolest workspaces in 2015, Sarah says “Shed-working is a great lifestyle choice for us. It’s given us a creative and inspiring space to be, just a short walk down the garden path. Our clients love visiting us here, there’s no commute and the shed itself is a great canvas on which to apply our brand and really have fun with it.”

Watch out for more home workspaces coming soon. If you have a space you think I should write about give me a shout at

2 thoughts on “Garden workspace, featuring Tent Ltd

  1. Oooh I love the look of this! What a fab idea for separating work and home life for those based at home. I’m looking forward to this feature (although I don’t work from home I like to see how people who do set up their workspace) x

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