Kidcampz create teeny architects

We bought our son possibly the best birthday present ever for his seventh birthday. He loves building dens, and to be honest my sofas and blankets had been getting a bit too much of a battering lately, so when I found the Kidcampz den building kit on Notonthehighstreet it looked perfect. 

In this summer of rain and miserable days it kept him entertained most days in the house and the garden. It also went to the grandparents to get them roped in too.

I honestly believe everyone is born creative in different ways and children explore that on a daily basis. As we grow older, unless you go into a creative career, we forget how to be creative. I hear cries all the time of “I haven’t got a creative bone in my body” all the time. We all have, it just needs rediscovering from time to time!

Den building is so good for kids, it turns them into teeny architects, budding interior designers and team players if they’re building with friends.

Each play tent kit comes with 30 x 700mm lightweight, flexible poles that you can use with the connectors to make any shape den you like. There are 18 multi connectors and 10 straight connectors with the poles to create standalone structures or for more adventourous dens combine them with household or garden furniture to create a variety of great looking play tent camps.

There are also 10 clips and 10 extra Velcro straps to help you fasten the sheet to furniture, door handles, bed frames etc and four ground pegs for outside camps.

I tweeted a few pictures to Kidcampz over the summer and they kindly offered to donate one to  charity of my choice – I chose Percy Hedley, a registered North East charity providing services for disabled adults and children including school, college and disability employment. Such a kind offer, I think the children at the school will get a lot from it! Thanks Kidcampz!


Here are a few of my favourites from our summer of den building.

IMG_6532IMG_6543 IMG_6600 IMG_6511 IMG_6481 IMG_6703 IMG_6765

2 thoughts on “Kidcampz create teeny architects

    1. Ah thanks Simon! I’m supporting the Percy Hedley Foundation in Newcastle upon Tyne for this post. The children in their school will love this den building kit. They’ll get so much out of it.

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