Weekly declutter – Food

Excuses, excuses 

“I haven’t got time to eat healthy meals”

“If someone cooked for me I would be much healthier”

“I don’t have the ingredients in to make that recipe or the space to keep everything”

“Should we just get a takeaway?”

All excuses we make for not eating healthily. Now, obviously I’m not a food blogger so I’m not about to share my knowledge on healthy eating but I have found a way to make it a little easier to be better at organising it.

I spent an afternoon clearing out my food cupboards and my fridge and found that, in fact, I do have most of the ingredients, I have got the spices, the herbs, and more importantly I now have the space to store the right things.

Food cupboard – 1 hour

Pull everything out of your cupboards and start with an empty space, I guarantee you’ll find something at least a few years out of date. If you’re anything like me then tins and packets were crammed in, I had cups and glasses I’d never use, and it was all so unorganised I couldn’t find anything quickly or easily and that would put me off making any decent meals! While it’s empty give the shelves a good clean, they can get pretty grim with salt, sauce and leaky vinegar bottles. Then group everything together. Baking goods, tins, packets, sauces, then bread boxes, pasta and rice etc, etc. I headed to IKEA for a few storage options, I love their KNAGGLIG crates. They come in two sizes and the large ones at £9 are great for standard cupboards they go right to the back so you can’t hide anything behind! I painted them to match in with my kitchen. The VARIERA range is great for cupboard storage. The small shelf inserts helped with extra height for tins and a couple of plastic tubs were great for packet and sachets. Now I can get my hands on things easier and see what I have, it make it so much easier to plan ahead. I also find I’m shopping more efficient too and not over-buying as I know what I’ve already got in. It’s a simple fix but actually makes a big difference.

Find more inspiration on my pinterest board for storage

Fridge – 30 mins

I’m embarrassed at how much food I threw away from my fridge. I hate waste and it was shocking finding so much out-of-date food in there. I’m pretty sure there was a new strain of antibiotic growing in there. I’m now going for healthy fridge = healthy body.

fridge inspiration on my pinterest board

Extra food storage – 30 mins

For easy to see teas, coffees, pasta, etc I have an open shelf but this would work in a cupboard too. I used address labels, sprayed with chalkboard paint to make it all a bit easier. Read how I did it here.

So before you head off to fill your cupboards with food for the weekend, give them a good clear out first. If your cupboard are already spic and span then have you organised your bags yet, if not read here for a few tips!

Happy decluttering.

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