The wind has changed

The last four years have been pretty epic since I quit my job to embark on self-employed life. I’ve had opportunities I never imagined and I’ve learned so much about upcycling and blogging I couldn’t even begin to write it all down. I’ve presented furniture paint videos, given talks on blogging, won an award for … More The wind has changed

Creating magic with the Aviva Community Fund

(Advertisement feature with the Aviva Community Fund.) What value do you put on food that others throw away? Roughly a third of all food produced for human consumption worldwide goes to waste. That’s roughly 1.3 billion tonnes (view source). The water required to produce all of this waste food is also going to waste, not … More Creating magic with the Aviva Community Fund

Cheerz Dad

I am my fathers daughter through and through. We’re both hoarders, both skip rats and both love a Yorkie. He was a truck driver in his early career and I was always playing drivers mate, keeping him amused while my mam and sister slept on! When I grew up my Dad always did all the … More Cheerz Dad