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I am my fathers daughter through and through. We’re both hoarders, both skip rats and both love a Yorkie. He was a truck driver in his early career and I was always playing drivers mate, keeping him amused while my mam and sister slept on! When I grew up my Dad always did all the diy in the house, and generally has anything you’d ever need for diy in his garage. I’m pretty sure my shed consists of all his old tools that I’ve inherited (*read slowly acquired) when he’s ‘needed’ a new one for himself. So it’s his fault I’ve turned out like this I suppose, a good thing though.


I love making things with him and would love to spend more time getting creative and crafty together, maybe one day I’ll have enough work for two of us and he can quit his job and work with me. One day…

In the meantime we have to settle for little projects every now and then. This picture hanging frame using prints from Cheerz was one of those projects. IMG_2705IMG_6576

I’ve always got bits of wood lying around and these bits of edging were destined to be a picture frame. I’d used them to test out paint in the past and they were perfect for my picture hanging. So my Dad set about with his mitre bench saw for the perfect 45° angled corners and made me the biggest frame we could out of the wood I had.

Once we had it glued and fixed together at the back I used my trusty staple gun to fix string hanging to the back, everyone needs a staple gun in their lives. A coat of paint later and it was ready to use.

I used Cheerz to print out all my favourite pictures like vintage polaroids and hung them with ridiculously small pegs from Hobbycraft.IMG_6575

Cheerz is a really simple website and app to use, you can upload your pictures from your phone, Facebook page, instagram shots and choose from loads of options to print out. You can edit your pictures and add filters and text to each print. Great idea if you wanted to use for invites or thank you cards. I chose the retro style prints of the Cheerz Box and also the large poster with a slightly different selection of images. Have to say for £15 this would make a great present for someone!

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 11.36.16 copyIMG_2801.jpg

It’s become a real talking point when people come to the house, it even featured in Style at Home magazine earlier this year when they featured my home.img_6570

My lovely friend Fiona was inspired to make one for her husband Graeme’s birthday, I won’t mention his age but it was a decent sized birthday. Love her wallpaper! She made it even easier and used an IKEA RIBBA frame and simply removed the glass and attached the string in the same way.fiona.jpg

If you want to recreate this or even just love the idea of printing out your images then here’s a code or the lovely people at Cheerz for £4 off your first order. Click here and use CHEJMP when you order 

Disclaimer: Cheerz provided me with the prints and poster for this post but I genuinely thought it was a really great site to use.

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