The night we got Intu a right pickle at the Metrocentre

My hubby and I work from home. Together. At the same desk. In the same kitchen. You might think we’re crazy, but it’s working. After 22 years of being together and nine months of this working arrangement we are still married, we still have a roof over our heads and we still want to spend time together. 

We do, however, need to escape the kitchen from time to time. Over the school holidays we had a lot of work on and early meetings, which meant calling in overnight favours from the grandparents. On a tuesday night, with our little one safely deposited at Granny’s, we found ourselves still working at 7pm. We soon got a grip of ourselves and decided to go out for some food at least.

We decided on the Intu Metrocentre as it was open until 9pm for shopping and later for food. We needed a few holiday essentials so had a good mooch around without having to drag our seven year old into shops when he’s suddenly developed a hatred of shopping. We browsed in Waterstones, bought essentials in Boots, found swimming shorts on sale in House of Fraser. It was lovely and quiet, we wondered why we hadn’t shopped at this time of night before, but then we remembered we never go out!
intu_platinum_mall_digitallook.compic ©

We still needed food so after much humming and harring we decided on Wagamama, somewhere we usually don’t go as a family so a nice treat. We even went for things we’d never had, risky manoeuvre but it paid off. The food was delicious. Teriyaki Beef Donburi, Chicken Raisukaree and Duck Gyoza. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! (pics © Wagamama)


OdeonWe were done at 9.30 and as I’d normally be tucked up on the couch under a blanket we should have really headed home. But the bright lights of the Odeon were just twinkling away, and Tom Cruise was calling. So we found ourselves at the 10pm showing of Mission Impossible. I even managed to stay awake for the whole film. Unheard of.

However, when you have an unplanned impromptu trip to the cinema without thinking properly about parking locations, it gets a bit tricky. We’d parked at the opposite end to the cinema. Oops. So at 12.45am we started walking through, past workmen, cleaners, builders, all the people who keep the Metrocentre looking immaculate and in good working order. It was like our own behind the scenes tour. No-one stopped us, everyone just smiled at us. The trouble came when we got to the car park, the escalators had been switched off, how would we get outside to our car? A lovely security guard came to our rescue. They’d all been monitoring our walk through, he knew we were coming, switched the escalators back on and happily showed us the way out.

We are so rock and roll we were escorted from the premises at 1am!

Big thanks to the Night Guard!

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2 thoughts on “The night we got Intu a right pickle at the Metrocentre

  1. Browsing the bookshelves in Waterstones is also one of my favourite ways of passing time in the Metro Centre. Shame the Metro does not run to the Metro Centre, it would make getting there so much easier.

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