How to marble two ways

Marble is a huge trend at the moment in interiors from accessories to furniture, to huge expanses of marble flooring and tiles. It is, however, pretty pricey so I tested out a couple of techniques to help you recreate the look with a bit of paint and creativity. 

images sourced from pinterest, view my board here

Using paint to create the marble effect for an old IKEA table that had been in the loft for far too long, and some new IKEA plates become some gorgeous trinket dishes.

Marble table 12


For the table I used Rust-Oleum chalky finish furniture paint to created this marble effect using layers of paint, feathers and small detail brushes. Head over to the Rust-Oleum website to find out the details.

Marble table 9.jpg

I’d spotted a marbling technique on pinterest using nail varnish, but I figured it was a just the oils and water separating that made it work, so I tried it using oil based paints instead. Using IKEA plates, Rust-Oleum Universal paint, warm water and skewers and a bit of trail and error I ended up with these beauties. Read how to create these yourself here.DSC_1274.jpg


Both of these projects can be found on the Rust-Oleum website in their How To section, where you can find bags of inspiration and other diy ideas.



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