My Amara Christmas

My long held dream of having a colour themed Christmas tree is slowly slipping away from me each year and our main tree this year was decorated by the boys in the house with baubles bought from Woolworths! They both find it hilarious to make me cringe when they literally throw tinsel on it. I officially give up…

However, while they were throwing all kinds of Christmas on our real tree, I stealthily took the rest of the house for myself. I teamed up with Amara Living and created a Scandi feel in my hallway and an upcycled handmade branch tree in our family room.

I dragged the garland from the loft, wound it around the spindles and hung my new decorations in between the lights. My blue and teal painted spindles add to the Scandi feel and I have a calm hallway to welcome Christmas visitors. Wooden cut outs, personalised baubles, a gorgeous wool and tinsel pom pom garland make me feel all grown up!IMG_9940.jpg


My lovely wooden Angel of the North bauble from Powder Butterfly sits beautifully alongside too.

So on to my other tree – an altogether more vintage, upcycled affair.

A couple of years ago I used some old tree branches for a friends wedding tree and after sitting in my garden weathering nicely, I brought the painted branches indoors for my alternative tree. Tied together and held in a galvanised bucket this is now the home of my more quirkier bauble collection. IMG_9977.jpg

The tiny pom pom garland brings it all together for me. It acts like baubles, adds even more colour and is so tactile I love it. The Japanese girls were a gift from my friend Jo when I left my job three years ago, the cactus was a gorgeous gift from my upcycling bestie Lynne Lambourne and there are upcycled baubles wrapped in coloured string, decorated lightbulbs and baubles I’ve picked up along the way in sales and quirky interiors shops.

Recreate this look with Amara Living. 

Click the links below to recreate the look
Wooden cut out decorations
Wool and tinsel garland
Multi coloured pom pom garland
Initial Bauble
Cactus decoration

There are still some bargains to be had over on the Amara site if you’re looking for last minute decorations or gifts. There are some gorgeous finds in the Christmas departments. Take a look here.

Happy Christmas everyone! x

P.S. Here is our other tree which I obviously love too…IMG_9886

Disclaimer: I was gifted some of the items mentioned in the post from Amara Living. Huge thanks, all views are my own and I genuinely love my new Christmas additions.

2 thoughts on “My Amara Christmas

  1. I love all the decorations they look amazing. I honestly believe that every decoration at Christmas should have some meaning memory and be unique. I like up cycled branch and garland look stunning. Any way merry Christmas and have a happy new year.

    1. Thanks Sarah! You’re right, I do love my main tree really, it’s full of memories and it’s really special, it’s nice to have my alternatives at the same time though. Merry Christmas to you too. Hope its fabulous. x

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