Meet the Creative – Revamped by Sara

I’d like you to meet one very creative woman, Sara Treanor of Revamped by Sara. I’ve never met Sara in person, but she’s one of those lovely people that you just click with on social media, she’s supported me in my work and is one of the loveliest people I’ve yet to meet. Hopefully we’ll catch up in person soon to swap ideas and maybe a gin or two. 

Sara takes unloved, unwanted and quite often, really dated furniture, and transforms them with so much colour and pattern you wouldn’t recognise the original at all. I think she has a pretty unique style with no shabby chic in sight! Wallpaper, gold leaf, neon, you can expect to see them all, maybe all even on one piece. Sounds garish and bonkers but it really works. I love her work, it really makes me smile and it would brighten any space.

She works to commission as well as selling her wares at fairs and events in and around London. Find her details at the end of this post and go follow her!

Meet Revamped by Sara  image1-6

Where did it all begin for your business?

I’ve always been creative & enjoyed making things, decorating, using a sewing machine, repurposing, etc, so after being in a job which had become more and more oppressive over the years, my husband said ‘why don’t you just start transforming furniture for a living?’. I thought if he had faith in me, I could achieve just about anything, so in 2013, a week before we got married, I jacked it in and became my own boss.

Where does the magic happen?

We spent a small fortune on having a workshop built in the garden back in 2016, but I still prefer working in the house, as there’s heaps of natural light. Of course, sanding, spray painting & sawing is done outside, but painting, papering & upholstering is done indoors. Near the kettle 😉 image1-4

What has been your breakthrough moment for you?

I’ve been really lucky to have great support from my husband, family & friends. My social media contemporaries are also fab and if they like or share something I do, I know I’m on the right track. The most exciting thing and possibly a breakthrough moment has been being asked to collaborate on a print with a very talented designer. That all comes to fruition in September, so watch this space!image1

What is your favourite part of your job/s – which part do you enjoy most?

This is going to sound a bit out there, but I truly believe whatever you’re working on somehow communicates with you. I have a lot of pieces awaiting transformation in the workshop, but I usually something pops into my mind in bed at night and I dig it out the next day and then marry it with the colour & print it wants. Gosh, I sound like a loon, don’t I?!!image1-2

What one piece of advice would you give your teenage self?

I’d embrace being a size 14. I always berated myself for being fuller-figured, most of my friends were naturally slim & we all compare ourselves when we’re young, don’t we?  I look back at old pictures now and realise I looked blooming great! Silly girl!

What do you do to escape and recharge?

Becoming self-employed is my escape! Recharging is usually painting. I love how something totally changes when you apply a colour you really like. I also enjoy intricate cutting with a scalpel, though I sometimes forget to breathe as I do it & have to reach for my inhaler. Champagne is a great recharger too… 🙂image1-3

Do you have any rituals, creative or otherwise?

Not really. I’m a bit ‘gung ho’ sometimes. I don’t like to deliberate too much as it muddies creative thought. I think the bold approach is best, and I know I can always give it a second go if I mess something up on the first try. I do touch wood a lot though, come to think of it…image1-5

If one person or shop could be your celebrity endorsement who would it be?

Ah, Liberty London is one of my favourites, but I feel you need a very strong signature style to feature there. The outcome of my work very much depends on the piece, so I don’t have a signature style per se. I’d be beside myself if Barbara Hulanicki or Elton John liked my work though.

Who would play you in a film about your life?

Gosh I’m not interesting enough for that!

Please go and follow Sara, buy something from her Etsy shop or contact her about a commission, but only if you want something bright and awesome:


Images credits – all images © RevampedbySara

Watch this space for the next interview coming soon with Jay Blades. Who would you like to see featured and I’ll do my best to speak to them?

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