Tree-cycled Christmas

Pallet Tree

Real, artificial or something else entirely, we have the same debate every year about Christmas trees in our house – should we splash out on a good artificial one that will last us years or should we go for the real deal and spend a fortune anyway?

For the last 16 years we’ve always gone for the the forest smell, and the dropping needles, and, at the end of the day, Chopwell Woods is just too Christmassy to miss out on. Judging the size of a tree in the forest is always tricky though and we inevitably have to chop some off to fit it in the house. We never learn!

To bring Christmas to the rest of the house last year, I arranged the cards on a feature wall in the kitchen in the shape of a tree. This inspired me to be more creative this year and bring upcycling into Christmas.

With my love of pallets in full swing this is a definite on my to do list of Christmas crafts this year. But twigs, old jumpers, christmas cards, spring coils, chalk boards, antique funnels and even cheese – yes it’s the Baby Cheeses – can make great diy, upcycled Christmas trees. It’s the one time of year you can let your imagination run away with you. Bring on the DIY trees!

Look on my pinterest board for more upcycled Christmas ideas

Old woollen jumpers

Woollen tree

Branches and twinkly stars

My card tree


Coils and springs


Antique funnels

Metal Funnel Christmas Tree with a Vintage Cookie Cutter Star



Shelf display


 And finally… Baby Cheeses

Baby Cheeses

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