Kids room upcycling fixes

I don’t know about you but my house is littered with toys – cars, soldiers, dinosaurs, action figures, books and creative ‘artworks’ and my son plays with about 1% of them.  I imagine if you’ve got kids your house will be the same.  

Before we have to make way for more tat – sorry, beautiful toys – at Christmas (sorry I know mentioning Christmas in September is unacceptable), I’ve found some great ways to upcycle things for your kids rooms. A few ideas to give you some space, get organised, use some of the unwanted plastic toys and turn them into cool things your kids will love too. Here are just a few I found on pinterest. Click on the pics to take you to my pinterest page to find out how to make them and some other cool kids room fixes.

Toy cars

Use magnetic kitchen knife racks, the kind you can get in Ikea, to keep the toy cars in the one place.

Picture frames

Paint old picture frames all the same colour and leave empty so you can display their artworks. Who wouldn’t love their own gallery wall! Pick up frames from charity shops or boot sales, or repaint ones you’ve got that maybe don’t match. This bright yellow would be great in any room to be honest, it looks fantastic with the grey trend for interiors at the minute.

Spice Racks

One of the easiest upcycling projects you can do. Take the Bekvam spice rack from IKEA, paint it and it becomes the perfect holder for displaying childrens books. Use a few of them and you’ve got yourself a whole library wall.

Skateboard shelves anyone?

enhanced-1630-1416507479-3Or how about this amazing mirror! Attach old toy cars to a mirror frame with superglue, spray paint and you have a very funky boys mirror!

Why not get them involved in their own room and let them make their own pen holder out of lego!

Or let their creative juices flow with a chalkboard table. Paint their desk, small table, or even a wall with Rustoleum blackboard paint. At least it might help keep their creativity in one place! You can get it in red, blue and pink if you didn’t fancy black.

Have fun clearing out the clutter!

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