Quick Weekend Fix – Giant decorative letters

We’ve all got cardboard boxes lying around somewhere in the loft or the garage, why not put them to good use instead of putting them out for recycling or to the tip.

You may have seen the smaller cardboard letters wrapped in wool I created for the blogger challenge for the Festival of Thrift, well these ones are on a much bigger scale. They were created for a friends outdoor wedding by the sea so the theme was navy, white and lots of upcycled rope.

JK letters4

Such a quick and easy weekend make and great for occasions and parties. They’re so cheap and kids will be able to join in the fun.

JK letters

Start by cutting out the letters in the style you like, look on the internet for the initial you’re after – I just typed in J & K and clicked on images. Mark the letters out then cut them out using a craft knife or scissors.

I used thick jute from the garden aisle in Hobbycraft and fair bit of double sided tape to hold the jute in place on tricky corners or curves. Start at one end and just wrap away. Nothing tricky or complicated, just pull the jute tight to keep it nice and neat.

JK letters2

I them used some remnants of fabric left over from other items created for the wedding, a fake flower head that had fallen apart and a couple of buttons. I held them all in place with a glue gun, sadly one of my favourite toys!

JK letters3 JK letters4

Happy to say you can also find this blog over on the #makinghome #linkup


7 thoughts on “Quick Weekend Fix – Giant decorative letters

  1. I can’t believe I have never thought to just cut a cardboard shape. I’m thinking an anchor done in this way would be great for our nautical themed utility! Thanks for linking up to #MakingHome x

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