Upcycled vegetable crate table

I’m always harping on about finding inspiration and materials everywhere, well on the school run every day I walk past a greengrocer, a butcher and a baker, unfortunately no candlestick maker though.

I’d been coveting the greengrocers display boxes for a while and after deciding that shy bairns get nowt I asked if I could buy one of his vegetable crates. Being the lovely man he is he kindly gave me a few for free. IMG_0208

While trying to figure out what I was actually going to do it them, I was asked by Wayfair to write a post for their Mixing Style blogger series. Settling on mixing indoors with outdoors I thought my crate would make the perfect little garden coffee table to go with my Wayfair finds.

I get my hoarder gene from my dad but it often comes in handy, I already had 4 little castors that would be perfect for my new table. I went for a lovely sunny yellow to brighten up the beautiful british grey skies. Rust-Oleum Gloss finish furniture paint in Lemon Sorbet is a gorgeous sherbety yellow that is a great contrast to my new chevron rug. IMG_0206 cropped

IMG_0181touchedup.jpgA bit of stencilling and black sharpie later I’m happy with new table.

My new outdoor space is now bright, colourful and homely with the addition of an outdoor rug made from recycled plastic straws, a moroccan style bean bag pouffe, a sustainable bamboo tray and a lovely new throw, I’m a sucker for throws and blankets. They’re a must for chilly evenings though. DSC_0043cropped.jpg

Pop over to the Wayfair inspiration page to see how I took my new outdoors into my living room. You’ll also find fellow bloggers The British Feather and To Become Mum sharing their #mixingstyles ideas.

NB. Wayfair products kindly provided for this blog.


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