Colours don’t clash in nature 

It seems like there are so many rules about colour, especially in fashion and interiors. Who decided that blue and green should never be seen? Or that you can’t put red with green and purple?  Colour inspiration is everywhere with nature being the most inspiring for me. Nothing clashes in nature. Pink flowers next to green foliage next to blue sky, it’s all so beautiful so we should look at the colours around us outside when choosing a new colour scheme for any room.

On a recent trip to Belsay Hall in Northumberland, an English Heritage property renowned for its beautiful quarry gardens full of colour and tropical plants, the colours were just so vivid and bright. Using this as a starting point here are a few ideas based on the amazing colours in nature that I found around the grounds. BelsayRed and green together have definitely got a place in our living rooms. Floral wallpapers, checked throws and accent cushions all add a lovely warmth to a room.

Belsay2There are so many monkey puzzle trees at Belsay it would have been wrong to not include them. Tropical plants and jungle themes are really on trend at the moment and there are wallpapers, sumptuous green velvets and rugs for all budgets to pull this scheme together. Add in some real plants and it’s perfect.

Belsay4Lime green and bright pink aren’t always a first choice for me but choose the pieces carefully and it’s a bright summer scheme when teamed white sofas and rugs, or a warm autumn room with velvets and woollen textures.

Belsay3Purple, red and green are for the brave and the bold when it comes to your home, but they can really work for a dramatic feel for a dining room or cosy reading nook.

So before you head to the nearest homeware shop and buy a complete scheme, have a look in the garden or the park and take a few pictures so you can really look at the beauty of nature.

I’d love to see what you come up with. For more colour inspiration please head over to my Pinterest page where you can find the links for all these images and more. 

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