Breakfast Kitchen becomes Office Space…

You may remember my very first post about the beautiful upcycled kitchen of my friends Jess and Martin, well this is their own blog about their old kitchen they turned into an office nook. A very cheap, easy way to transform some old pine cupboards.

My Terrace: My Castle

Before (right) and After (left). Before (right) and After (left).

Breakfasting kitchens became popular in the UK in larger houses, often for the house staff to prepare food.  When we bought our terrace it had a dining room next to a ‘breakfast room’ that led onto a small kitchen.

The breakfast kitchen had a small, fitted kitchen layout with a pull out pantry on one side.  There was no way we were just going to rip it all out and replace it with a desk.  And the missus refused my request for a smoking corner, complete with drinks tray, armchairs and a king charles spaniel.

So in the spirit of up-cycling, the units were moved about and painted to create a built in office space.  Here’s how:

  1. Units reconfigured- only one wall cabinet was sacrificed to the local tip, as well as the worktop.   It was a simple job of removing all the doors…

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