Duck Tape Skeleton DIY

For those of you who know me, you’ll know I’m not the biggest fan of fancy dress. The mere mention of it sends me into a panic and I usually end up ‘washing my hair’.IMG_3885.jpg

For the past two years however I’ve had to embrace it for the sake of the kids. Two years ago I was helping at a school Halloween disco so had to join in. I already owned geeky glasses, a red skirt and an orange jumper so all that was needed was orange tights and a bob wig for me to become Velma from Scooby Doo. Excuse the terrible picture, thankfully the only one in existence. This was the same year as my post on upcycled pumpkins and a zombie child. 

Then last year came a Halloween party for ‘the kids’ but unfortunately for me the adults were all up for it too. I’ve had to wait an entire year to share this next one though as it was created about 2 hours before the halloween party we went to last year so I completely missed the pre-Halloween build up to post it.

As always I left it far too late to go and buy anything so I had to get creative. Being the creative geek that I am, I had some white duck tape in the cupboard – as you do – so we set about making a set of skeleton costumes. duck tape skeleton.jpg

After googling skeletons all we had to do was cut out bone shapes and stick them on our black clothes… apart from the scissors getting sticky every five minutes this was a really easy and very cheap outfit. With a matching glow in the dark onesie for my son and a bit of face paint, job done for the price of 2 rolls of duck tape from Hobbycraft!

The pictures aren’t great but you get the tape skeleton2.jpgduck-tape-skeleton3

The tape came straight off afterwards without ruining our clothes too so it’s a great and easy fancy dress costume!

Happy Halloween everyone!


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