My Home: Bathroom on a budget

Your bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in your home, but can be one of the biggest expenses. It’s not a task many of us can take on ourselves, we need plumbers, plasterers, electricians and tilers. A simple refit with no redesigning can run into thousands without even trying.

With the average spend of a new bathroom around £4,500, and even a budget bathroom coming in at £2,500, it’s something a lot of us put off doing. There are ways you can inject your personality into your new bathroom however and keep the costs to a minimum.

With my new bathroom I think I’ve created a modern, quirky space with a bit of upcycling, a lick of paint and a few money saving tips I got myself a brand new bathroom for under £1,800. I’ve listed a few ways to save money on your new bathroom showing you how I did it along the way.

Before – we lived with this for 11 years and only realised how bad it was once we updated it!

Get hands-on
If you’re prepared to do a bit of the work yourself, this can save you the biggest pot of money. Don your overalls, strip the room (not to be confused with stripping in the room!) and do your own painting, you could even tackle the tiling if you’re feeling brave. You can save money by clearing your bathroom away yourself, a few trips to the recycling centre will save you on skip fees.IMG_0716

My sink cabinet was a Gumtree bargain at just £10, then repainted by mixing Rust-Oleum Furniture Gloss paints to get the exact shade of grey to coordinate with the floor. The sink iteslf was also a great find for £40 from a local selling Facebook group, still boxed and perfect, just a wrong order for the previous owner. The plumber then retrofitted the tap and pipes.

The old rusty bin was transformed with Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch spray paint in Real Orange. See how I did it here.

The windowsill is a my favourite find though. An old school science lab bench sourced from GWK Woodshed was restored and cut to fit the width of the room slotting into the window gaps and adds warmth to the white tiled room. I then added in few accessories that I already owned which now fit perfectly, adding a lotions and potions feel.

Shop second-hand
You can fit out your entire bathroom second hand if you know where to look. Search Gumtree, your local Facebook groups, Freegle, Preloved etc. People sell entire suites, wrong order sinks, left over tiles.

Bargain hunt
Think end of range, discount shops and direct manufacturer sales. My flooring is made from sustainable rubber tiles, these are normally around £35-50 per metre, but they were sourced as an end of line range direct from the manufacturer, Dalhaus, for just £10 per metre. Bathrooms are generally small spaces so you can make a big saving by looking for remnants of tiles, lino or cork.

The matt white tiles were half the price of the larger equivalent, so if you’re prepared to be flexible on sizes and shape you can get a much cheaper version that looks just as good. Mine were from Topps Tiles and as they are matt they don’t show drips and water marks! Win Win!!

The main fittings in the bathroom were purchased from The Plumb Center through my plumber, so we saved money that way rather than buying direct, using his trade discount.

The final resultDSC_0327DSC_0341DSC_0328DSC_0337.jpg

I’m really pleased with the end result and can’t believe how light and bright my bathroom now is.

I think you can achieve a high end result on a budget if you thinking creatively and get a little hands-on yourself.

I was lucky enough to be featured recently in Style at Home magazine, I’ll be writing about my other rooms soon so watch this space.IMG_4484.jpg


Disclaimer: Rust-Oleum kindly provided me with the paints for the sink cabinet and orange bin.


11 thoughts on “My Home: Bathroom on a budget

    1. Thanks for reading! It took a long time to get round to getting it done. Sourcing second hand for upcycling can take time, it’s a good job I’m patient. ☺️

  1. I am really impressed by your bathrooms makeover. I Spent 2 and half on mine but for the size of my bathrooms it was a good price. I upcycled the toilet and sink from a dodgy ensuit. Most of furniture was second hand finds from gumtree. A lovely neighbour who got me a good deal on my tiles. I love how you have still kept with your bargin and upcycling method

  2. Yes, you are right. Although bathroom is one of the most pocket-sized room of our home, that does not mean we will overlook it completely. No, we should not, rather we should renovate it from time to time to keep its functionality in A1 shape. But the matter is, sometimes we take a pause just because of our limited budget. I would like to tell that if your budget is scanty, so what! Still you can go for renovation. Well, all renovations are not same. It is categorized as makeover, addition and expansion. Thus, while going for bathroom renovation, first you should select the right one because it will balance your construction costs. Lastly you should hire a reliable contractor who will implement the right budget fitted tactics to make an amiable and gracious bathroom.

  3. Hi! Love your article. Very useful. I would like to add another tip if I may.

    NEVER dump grease or oil down your drains! They both turn solid when they’re cold and can clog up your drains, especially in the kitchen and bathroom where other items end up going down the sink and creating blocks. Let it cool, instead, and throw it out in the trash.

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