The wind has changed

The last four years have been pretty epic since I quit my job to embark on self-employed life. I’ve had opportunities I never imagined and I’ve learned so much about upcycling and blogging I couldn’t even begin to write it all down. I’ve presented furniture paint videos, given talks on blogging, won an award for … More The wind has changed

10 sustainable things you didn’t know about IKEA

IKEA is probably best known for it’s flat-pack furniture and meatballs, it’s not necessarily known for sustainability and social responsibilities. As such a huge business it can’t really be anything but socially responsible. I feel they are one of the big players that has a duty to set the standard really. It’s not very IKEA … More 10 sustainable things you didn’t know about IKEA

Styled vs Reality

After my post in January on feeling the blues, I’ve been trying to take stock and figure out the things that stress me out and I’ve been taking tiny steps to eliminate the triggers from my life, or find ways to deal with them if they won’t simply go away. Huge thanks to everyone who … More Styled vs Reality