Quick Weekend Fix

In the first of a new series I thought I’d show you some quick revamping and upcycling ideas that you can do over the weekend. 

I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while and decided on my Friday lunch break to do it. Ok, so I work at home and I can easily step away from my desk and move into revamp mode, but this is an easy, quick one for a weekend revamp.

I had a boring cream lampshade that just didn’t add anything to my room. I’d also bought this sheet of map wrapping paper from Paperchase a little while ago for £3.50 and the two seemed destined to meet.

You will need:
Sheet of wrapping paper or wallpaper you like.
Scalpel or craft knife or scissors if you’re neat!
PVA glue


Cut the paper to approximately 5cm or 2inch wider than the lampshade so you have enough to wrap over both edges.

Then coat the paper and the lampshade with PVA glue (the kind you find in your childs craft box) and simply wrap around being careful to push out any creases and air bubbles as you go.

Fold over the edges carefully and tuck in neatly.

And that’s it!

I love my lamp now, it’s really quirky and took me about 30 minutes in total so a really quick one. You can get some really cool papers and wallpapers so pick one to match your scheme and go for it.


As a final addition I decided my base needed revamping too so I painted it with Rustoleum Chalky Finish Furniture paint in Anthracite grey and finished with wax.

6 thoughts on “Quick Weekend Fix

  1. Thanks! They have a lot of beautiful map papers in Paperchase but you could use old maps from charity shops or second hand book shops too. Would love to see a pic once you’ve finished!

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